Driven by the power of diverse and inclusive human talent, Red Petal Ventures is an affiliate of The Elements Group that creates and operates business-focused digital brands that utilize an enterprise social approach to help companies to elevate corporate responsibility, minimize adverse environmental impact and enhance personal work-life balance. Powered by the Microsoft Cloud and mobile adaptability, the brands of Red Petal Ventures are destined to have a global impact on the business community and have a lasting positive impact on people, the natural environment and the world.

Powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning and the intelligent cloud, SkinnyDocs is an engaging social networking, online and mobile platform that offers a multi-channel communications approach in facilitating the reduction in the use of voluminous paper documents by mobile business professionals and enhances productivity, work-life balance and personal freedom. 

ESGPages is an engaging online and mobile platform that facilitates the enhancement of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) practices for corporations, businesses and investors, infusing social responsibility as a major criteria in the wealth management and investment decision-making processes. 

Powered by an innovative virtual assistant, WellWalks is an engaging online and mobile platform focused on the enhancement of corporate wellness through personalized "nature" prescriptions and emotion-driven walking routes and group activities.

TouriVista is an innovative online and mobile platform focused on nature-oriented business travel, corporate retreat and wellness experiences.

The Red Petal Ventures' name was inspired by the abundant red flower gardens cultivated by the founder's mother, Willie Viola Bell, who continually tapped into her resilience and spiritual fortitude to overcome life's challenges, being an extraordinary example for all to aspire to a purpose-driven, boundless life despite any perceived obstacles or challenges.  With such inspiration at its core, Red Petal Ventures is committed to diversity and an inclusive approach in all facets of its operations, with a special emphasis on engaging the leadership of women of color in the technology, environmental and wellness business sectors.